ARIES – Automated Refactoring In EclipSe

During software evolution change is the rule rather than the exception. Unfortunately, such changes are usually performed by developers that due to strict deadlines do not have enough time to make sure that every change conforms to OOP guidelines, such as, minimizing coupling and maximizing cohesion of classes. Such careless design solutions often lead to design antipatterns, which negatively impact the quality of a software system, making its maintenance difficult and expensive.  The presence of antipatterns makes the maintenance of a software system difficult (due to the effort required to comprehend the source code) and dangerous (since empirical studies showed that classes with low quality are more error-prone than other classes). Refactoring operations are need to remove such antipatterns from the source code. However, the identification of such operations is not trivial and it might be time-consuming. The ARIES project aims at supporting several refactoring operations in Eclipse, such as Extract Class and Extract Package, Move Method and Move Class.

Involved researchers: G. Bavota, F. Palomba, M. Tufano, R. Oliveto, A. Marcus, D. Poshyvanyk, A. De Lucia

Context person for the Free University of Bolzano: Gabriele Bavota