Joint seminar series “Empirical Software Engineering” (2015)

Researchers of the 3 universities of Bolzano, Innsbruck, and Trento organize a joint seminar series on “Empirical Software Engineering” (ESE), which is a research field continuously gaining interest, but also requiring high methodological expertise.

ESE is a topic of interest and part of the computer science curricula in all 3 universities. The aim of the seminar series is to create synergy effects from the combined expertise to improve teaching on ESE and forming students to be part of a center of excellence on ESE in the 3 regions.

Concretely, we will to organize the seminar series in such a way that the involved researchers as well as students that are involved in ESE can meet regularly to benefit from expertise of all three involved universities and respective knowledge exchange during the seminars.

The joint seminar series consists of six events, two at each location: Bolzano, Innsbruck, and Trento. On every event that takes place in one of the three locations, the researchers from the other two locations involved in the joint seminar series as well as students from each location will travel to attend the seminar.

Moreover, the Faculty of Computer Science in Bolzano is already organizing a Software Engineering Summer School from 07.09.2015 to 11.09.2015. We plan to collocate one of the seminar events in Bolzano with this summer school and allow participating students of all three universities to attend the most relevant lectures of the summer school.

Partners: University of Innsbruck and University of Trento

Contact person for the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: Andrea Janes